Ion Oblemenco Stadium, Craiova

Status: built
Year: 2017
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Craiova
Project area: 56.900 sqm
Images: Viorel Plesca, Alexandra Bendea, Ciprian Onețiu


The solution is generated by the answers provided by more simultaneous requirements related to the location in context, functionality and space efficiency, as well as the search for an optimal structure and appropriate construction technology. The materiality and visual dialogue are established between the viewer and the object. This resulted in some components of the set: an infrastructure for accessing, adapted to the ground; a nuanced joint with the earth; the elevated pedestrian ring; spaces wrapped under the stands, rigorously ranked and differentiated for various categories of users; an arena that makes the transition from circularity of the envelope to the pitch squareness; a colossal crown of arches covers the stands and supports all the required equipment.

Details: 30.944 seats

Media: | Igloobest, Stadiums in Romania, 2022 | Detail 2019 | EU Mies Award 2019 Catalogue 2019 | Revista Construcțiilor 2016 | AGIR 2018 award | Award nomination Mies van der Rohe, 2019 | National Biennial of Architecture, Bucharest, 2018

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