BT Arena, Cluj-Napoca

Status: built
Year: 2014
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 38.500 sqm
Photographs: Alexandra Bendea, Cosmin Dragomir


Along the river Somes, in Cluj, there are several sports facilities that came one after the other creating a green axis. First was the stadium from 1911, then the Sports Park, from the ’30s, the Sports Hall and the Olympic Swimming pool, in the ’70s and then the new stadium Cluj Arena in 2011. The new sports hall, under construction, was designed to be integrated into the recent development of the stadium. It is the companion of the stadium, belonging to the same generation and defining a complex for activities very close to the city center. It is meant to work as an extension with easy access for the activities in the central area and along the river, the generator of the city. The powerful design of the stadium requires a strong replica both for integration and for the individualization of the new project. The design concept is built on contrasts and integration through the continuation of major themes used for the stadium, but in an interpretation with new elements. The contrast is built upon inside and outside, transparency and opaqueness, in different degrees and combinations, fluid and rectangular, Euclidian and parametric. The Sports Hall is a passage from the outside world towards the introverted show world for the sports theatre. It passes through an intermediate status, between the facade and the hall itself, where between shining white same like the stadium envelope to the dark black of the playground stage the passenger enjoys a very colored environment. It’s the land of orientation. The facade is multilayered. Outside it consists of a giant mesh parametrically generated reminding of the net used for different games, which undulates when hit by a ball or a goal. The second layer, the actual enclosure is partially translucent and partially transparent for direct sights carefully placed at key points. It is prepared for a new big lamp in the city, shining at showtime. The arena is adaptable by removable structures to different scenarios for sports and concerts. The ultimate place to be conquered is a portion of the roof terrace, prepared for a restaurant with fantastic views along the river, towards the city and of course to the stadium.

Details: 10.000 seats

Media: Architecture & Detail, 2016 | The Institute no.17, 2015 | Architizer A+ Awards 2015 | Zeppelin Magazine, 2015 | Gooood, 2014 | Zeppelin#30 Architecture in Romania 1989-2019

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