Tudor Vladimirescu Municipal Stadium, Târgu Jiu

Status: built
Year: 2019
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Târgu Jiu
Project area: 37.500 sqm
Images: Alexandra Bendea, Ciprian Onețiu


The new Târgu Jiu stadium replaces the old one, offering now outstanding comfort for its use users, audiences, athletes, officials, and journalists. At the same time, the citizens will be able to use the recreational area on the banks of Jiu River. This multipurpose arena for football and athletic sports adopts a new formula of integration in the public space, disclaiming all the fenced enclosures and generating new extensive places for a better relationship with the city.

Details: 12.518 seats
Media: 100 Architects of the Year International Exhibition, Seoul, 2020 | Award Nomination BATRA 2019 | BATRA Exhibition 2019

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