Biasini Apartments, Cluj-Napoca

Status: built
Year: 2013
Program: collective housing
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 4.100 sqm
Images: Alexandra Bendea, Cosmin Dragomir


The project having been tried for the first time by an association of several owners for a mixed and coherent development is in the central area situated on retroceded lands in the yard of former Biasini inn. The first version was broader and it included a hotel and a public parking space, but it was abandoned due to terrain restriction. The solution that is being built was negotiated with the heritage defenders so that the yard would gain an optimal proportion and space would enclose around a square that becomes the social life center. The dynamic and articulation of volumes take the cornice of the historical building and the overwrite with volumes that replicate the attic in a completely detached way from the normal roofs with slopes. From the upper stores, one can discover targeted views towards the center church towers.

Details: 22 apartments

Media: Igloobest Books 2016 | Igloo 2014 | Romanian Design Week Exhibition 2014

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