Gimarom Residence, Cluj-Napoca

Status: built
Year: 2013
Program: collective housing
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 11.000 sqm
Images: DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ, Cosmin Dragomir


Two powerful neighbors decided to develop dwellings in completing an assembly of the 80s on Dorobanților Street. A vacant land, occupied by improvised garages and workshop buildings on the ground floor of a former peripheral industrial area is adjacent. We proposed them to associate in order to develop a complex project together, to be complementary and to set the assembly’s standard. The Urban Zonal Plan has adjusted the proximity matters, accesses and organizing the commonly used land by the residents of the existing assembly. The highest volume was built first and the Gimarom at almost a year later. We cognate them conceptual, functional and visually, seeking foe the differences and identities to be easy to spot.

Details: 64 apartments

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