Newtown Residence, Bucharest

Status: built
Year: 2012
Program: collective housing
Place: Bucharest
Project area: 114.500 sqm
Images: Cosmin Dragomir


A large apartment ensemble was carried out into two stages by recycling an old industrial site from the Dristor area. Conceptually it belongs to the north Irish office Ostick & Williams developed by Mivan Investments urban implemented by Alpha Studio from Bucharest elaborated for execution, followed and coordinated by us. The composition is the result of articulation and repetition of the tall and low buildings generating a series of courtyards bordered by the general auto circulation most of the vehicles being stored in two stories underground parking. There are many types of apartments, the ones on the ground floor are shielded for more privacy by the landscaping, and those on the upper floors get more open views upon the surrounding area. The facades are practically wrapped by terraces that are sitting on consoles, inviting the owners to customize and use them.

Details: 316 apartments

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