Law Court, Târgu Neamț

Status: under construction
Year: 2018
Program: other
Place: Târgu Neamț
Project area: 4.680 sqm


Law Courts are judicial institutions with powers defined by the Constitution. They represent the assembly of bodies constituting the judiciary. Together with the legislative and executive powers, they define the three independent powers of a state. Therefore, such an institution also aims at an architectural solution with public and equidistant character, expressing the social role and the reputation of the judicial system. Justice is symbolically represented by the imposing figure of the proposed building, with very firm lines. The offered volume is solid and impenetrable at the bottom and the whole volume becomes lighter at the top. The opacity from the lower levels resulted from the need to insulate the courtrooms located at the ground floor, and the glazing of the upper levels ensures natural lighting in the court offices. The chosen neutral colors suggest sobriety, firmness, and impartiality of the legal procedure. The proposed architectural object has variable heights; however, the general picture is that of one-piece volume, with several withdrawals which provide natural lighting for the spaces at lower levels, and for the pedestrian terraces belonging the office area.

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