Emergency Clinical Hospital for children, Cluj-Napoca

Status: approved
Year: 2022
Program: other
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 100.543 sqm
Images: Vital Studio Arquitectos


The concept of the emergency clinical hospital for children is the result of the architecture competition organized by OAR IN 2021. The competition was won by the association between Planho Consultores from Spain and 4B from Romania. Our office subcontracted project management and architecture coordination at the level of technical design and details. The first difficulty of the project was to make the connection to the future mobility infrastructure, namely the metropolitan belt with a large node in the vicinity, and to make it possible to operate the hospital even before the completion of the work on the belt. There are 515 beds for continuous hospitalization, 51 beds for day hospitalization, and 30 for ATI. The layout is compact, with a deep two-level base with three spacious inner courtyards, a slab above this base on which unfolds a generous elevated garden visible from the four hospital wings. They consist of four floors above which the helipad for special emergencies is provided.

Main authors: PLANHO Consultores s.l.p., 4B CONSULTANTA ARHITECTURA S.R.L.
Coauthors: arh. Amparo Martinez, arh. Enrique Vallencios, arh.Manuel Perez, arh. Enrique V.Portillo
Architecture collaborators (subcontractors): Dico şi Ţigănaş birou de proiectare

Media: Children’s Hospital Cluj-Napoca, International Design Competition, 2021

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