Comprehensive Transplant Centre Cluj-Napoca

Status: work in progress
Year: 2020
Program: other
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 21.525 sqm
Images: Jenică Craiu, Ada Demetriu


The junction between various urban structures in the proximity of our site defines an important part of the project for the Transplant Center, which is to give a response to the urban context in which it is placed and give continuity to the urban fabric. The very complex and demanding program determines an intensive occupation of the land; our strategy leads to the development of extensive levels in the lower section of the building, creating half basements, combining a strategy of bringing the natural light on free sides and by different skylights at the ground level. Placed in a strategic position, a connection point of all the medical services in the area, we take advantage of the slope and we create dedicated entrances of different categories of users at different points of the perimeter of the plot with the best segregation imposed by the functional circuits.

Main authors: Arh. Alberto de Pineda Álvarez, Pinearq
Coauthors: arh. Jenică Craiu, arh. Alexandra Demetriu, arh. Şerban Ţigănaş, arh. Alexandrina Kiss
Architecture collaborators: arh. Giovanna Pomo, arh. Bogdan Dragomir, arh. Maria Buiga
Media : 1ST PRIZE – Project no. 79 – MO7823 – PINEARQ S.L.P. associated with DICO si TIGANAS birou de proiectare S.R.L

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