Bosch Training Center, Jucu

Status: built
Year: 2017
Program: interior design
Place: Jucu
Project area: 2.890 sqm
Images: Alexandra Bendea


A new multifunctional building was proposed within the production factory Robert Bosch. The new building will be linked with the other existing constructions through alleys, green areas, and parking lots. Under the rectangular shape, there will be included workshop areas and laboratories, but storage and technical spaces as well. The core axis of the building is providing all circulations and it also offers multipurpose areas for gathering, such as the small amphitheater, separated by textile curtains. The natural light is captured with reflecting tubes through the roof, contributing to the technological ambiance where comfort for users is the priority.

Design and Project management: Bosch Real Estate in cooperation with DICO si TIGANAS birou de proiectare.

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