La Lorraine, Câmpia Turzii

Status: built
Year: 2011
Program: industrial
Place: Câmpia Turzii
Project area: 6.300 sqm
Images: Cosmin Dragomir


The deep-frozen bakery plant “La Lorraine” is a Belgian investment situated in the Reif industrial park, developed by a German company nearby Campia Turzii. It is the first sight in this park that did not manage to attract the expected investors because of the economic crisis. We have found out from the Belgians that the food industry was not affected by this crisis because people still have to eat, and they do so despite the evolution of the banking sector. The concept was developed by the architect Aimee Defour, from Belgium, who dedicated his entire career to projects concerning the food industry, milling, bakery and pastry. The food industry requires spaces on which no further repairs are aloud because it would affect the hygiene conditions. All details and functional flows were carefully designed to be easily maintained and extremely sustainable. The plant envisages more stages of expansions and connections to storage and distribution facilities. One of the most important features provided by the production area is the differentiation on climatic zones, from high temperatures required for baking, to very low temperatures used for a deep freeze. The installations are the key to meeting these requirements. In addition to temperature conditions, there are those issues related to air flows, whose speed and debit need to be limited and controlled. Otherwise, the movement of particles would affect the raw materials and the production process. The project was published in the Industrial Building Design volume, printed in 2012 at the Art Power publishing from Shenzen, China.

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