Bosch Rexroth 2, Blaj

Status: built
Year: 2009
Program: industrial
Place: Blaj
Project area: 19.400 sqm


Bosch-Rexroth Factory of Blaj taught us what German precision means. The design was conceived by Cristoph Schubert C/RE. They divided the project into two phases. The first production hall and the storage hall for components for the automotive industry were designed during the first stage of the project. The industrial facility includes administrative offices, locker rooms, and a reception area, the gatehouse which controls the entrance area and a distinct building for the heating plant and the compressed-air installations. During the second stage, the next production hall was erected together with administrative offices and personnel necessary annexes. The parking lot offers 462 parking spaces on a platform with slabs covered with grass. The road area is covered with asphalt and the parking spaces islands are separated by decorative green lanes.

Design and Project management: Bosch Real Estate in cooperation with DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ birou de proiectare.

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