Bosch Canteen, Jucu

Status: built
Year: 2014
Program: industrial
Place: Jucu
Project area: 1.550 sqm
Images: Alexandra Bendea


The first phase of the development of Robert Bosch Factory in Jucu, Cluj, has been finalized with its last building: the canteen. The whole development uses a coherent architectural language. The concept behind the image of the canteen in dual in purpose: it aims to be seamlessly integrated within the complex, by using the same types of finishes, while also creating a slight contrast in order to draw attention upon itself. It aims to signal itself as a social space, a place where everybody can meet and get together. This effect is achieved through the large glazed surfaces that define the volume. The interior design does not define separate zones for eating in order to further underline the cordial aspect of the space. The warm finish of the floor and the furniture rendered in vibrant colors brighten up the space, otherwise defined by the exposed structure and the dark gray finishes. The chrome kitchen equipment reminds us of the fact that space is governed by advanced German technology.  

Design and Project management: Bosch Real Estate in cooperation with DICO si TIGANAS birou de proiectare.

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