WG Cafeteria, Bucharest

Status: concept design
Year: 2013
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Bucharest
Project area: 60 sqm
Photographs: DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ


In an office complex in Bucharest, the owners wished to integrate a series of small scale pavilions to mark the entrances in the underground parking space. These structures would also be used to increase the intensity of public life by providing spaces for socializing, such as cafes, smoking pavilions or small terraces. The solution required structural ingenuity. We took a formalist approach in order to achieve a fluent integration within the complex through textural details. The volume rises from the ground along a sinuous curve and covers itself in natural vegetation. The organic character is further reinforced by the perforated fretwork which has the double role of filtering light and views. The project is not yet realized.

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