Casarom, Arad

Status: concept design
Year: 2004
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Arad
Project area: 150 sqm
Images: Ciprian Onețiu


At the dawn of real estate development after the turn of the millennium, we were asked to develop a series of affordable houses in the Subcetate neighborhood. The aspiration for their own home on the lot had not yet made room for the great return to the efficiency of collective housing to which the great developers later dedicated themselves. We drew single-family houses, connected and row houses that we composed in an ensemble that wanted to be the new quiet living area, remarkably coherent in terms of organization and language. The unit elements were supported by the common language of all types of houses, with masonry roofs, exposed brick plywood, eaves, wooden awnings, and gaps composed of partial symmetries. The result was directed towards an archetypal image of the aspiration for a house. The interior spaces have been carefully aggregated with minimal traffic, leading to layouts where nothing is missing, from the protected parking space, and sufficient storage, including in the basement, to the large, open kitchen, multifunctional living room, and comfortable bedrooms, with emphasis on the matrimonial. The ensemble thus started towards housing on the lot and was later transferred to collective housing, losing the initial ambitions.

Single-family house 1

Single family house 2

Connected house 1

Connected house 2

Connected house 3

Connected house 4

Row house

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