Aqua Park, Craiova

Status: concept design
Year: 2012
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Craiova
Project area: 3.980 sqm


The solution that we proposed was analyzed according to three important directions:

1. The first one is concerned with the available site, based on the idea of recovering and exploiting it for the public interest and on optimizing the buildings on the steeper slope. The purpose is to ensure good visibility and provide simple accesses, taking into account the limits of the site. Existing circulation and accesses were analyzed, and the possibility of providing new ones was also considered. Furthermore, the pedestrian access and its development inside the plot were analyzed in connection with the function of the building.

2. The second component is focused on the economic and social revival of the surrounding area by providing facilities that will attract all categories of age: adults, young people, and children. By integrating various functions, the range of public addresses is now wider, and operating within a rhythm that involves all users, leads to an urban reintegration of this available land. Its urban recycling aims at reconnecting the site with the inhabitants and the neighboring area, through this provision of facilities. 3. The last component represents an encouragement process and one of developing sports and leisure activities. This is realized by creating areas with specialized functions for these activities and by providing the comfort and necessary facilities, such as access to the complex of buildings, and enough parking lots. Taking into account the fact that the development will be situated in the center of a residential area, the interface and the ease of integration within this area were also analyzed.

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