Dâmbovița Arena, Târgovişte

Status: under construction
Year: 2023
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Târgoviște
Project area: 36.568 sqm
Images: Ciprian Onetiu


Prepared and awaited for several years, this investment takes shape in a formula that we have deepened so that the result is a medium-sized multi-sport stadium, 12,000 spectators, a complex for training, a high-capacity parking lot on the principle park and ride and a promenade park that integrates all the components of the ensemble. The composition was based on the functional relationships and the perception of the stadium, located at the main entrance to the city from the capital. We enveloped both structures built with facades developed on the principles of transparency applied to all our stadiums, but customized with our own system. The saddle-shaped roof ensures the fluidity of the forms and their unity, and the reflective finishes applied to the aluminum elements will tint the colors in response to the day and night light conditions, in a formula that we have tested and established.

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