Municipal Stadium, Bacău

Status: concept design
Year: 2022
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Bacău
Project area: 18.411 sqm
Images: Ciprian Oneţiu


Bacău wants to build a new stadium, benefiting from a generous site of the former stadium that is in ruins. Our proposal extends over the whole area and offers a large-scale urban composition in which the buildings of the multipurpose hall, the swimming center, and the athletics center are integrated. The stadium is multi-sport, with an athletics track, a perimeter circulation for public access and a promenade, an esplanade to the main access, and a customized envelope at the pedestrian level, which connects it to the language of contemporary architecture. The complex also includes a hotel for athletes, a training base, and, of course, the circulation system and landscaping. We have paid special attention to sustainability, which is very important for high-capacity public facilities and buildings used with discontinuous intensification. We were very interested in the harmony between the large object of the stadium and all the existing or proposed constructions in relation to it.

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