Oradea Sports Complex, Oradea

Status: concept design
Year: 2020
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Oradea
Project area: confidential sqm
Photographs: Ciprian Onețiu


Oradea municipality wants to offer the city an integrated sports and leisure center. We were called to propose a solution that has  in the center a new football stadium  and to connect with the existing facilities, the sports high school and the university campus and with those under construction or proposed, the new multipurpose hall and the teaching swimming pool. The former zoo will be transformed into a park that will be extended to the north of the site. Our concept for the stadium proposes a compact formula, with a complex  device  access, in the main building of the western grandstand. To the north is proposed a hotel with SPA and a conference center, connected on the upper level with the stadium building, for different activity scenarios. The entire organization has the quality of form a real sports and leisure park, with multiple recipients, offering a complex of facilities that can be used for daily sports and leisure activities, for education, competitions or cultural and commercial activities.

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