Reconversion for education, Cluj-Napoca

Status: under construction
Year: 2018
Program: other
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 1.240 sqm
Images: Ciprian Onețiu


The presence of Cluj’s universities is consolidating in the central area. The acquisition by the Technical University of two adjoining buildings, the former Fashion House and Transilvania Bank, opens the possibility of expanding the educational spaces of the college buildings already on George Bariţiu Street and of creating a „hub” for research and innovation thus strengthening the university’s relationship with the business environment. We have conducted a study and documentation for interventions, known as DALI, by which we linked the two buildings as images, now part of the Polytechnic family. The main space innovations are the showroom that will function in the former fashion showroom on the ground floor and a conference center with a large raised room and two side rooms, foyers and other annexes on the top floor.

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