Law Court, Beclean

Status: under construction
Year: 2009
Program: other
Place: Beclean
Project area: 3.000 sqm


The Beclean Law Court is currently operating in a building claimed by the Evangelical Church, which is completely inappropriate for the architectural program that it houses. Thus, the theme for the new setting of The Beclean Law Court was born. The volume, which is massive at its basis and translucent on the upper side, talks about the reason (the idea) for displaying the functions: isolated and protected at the lower levels of the courtrooms, and on the upper floors, there are the magistrates’ offices, which benefit from plenty of natural sunlight. The building height is variable and the overall picture is that of a benched volume. The highest volume comes out in consoles on the last two floors. A part of this console is meant to protect the access in the basement, in the inmate area, creating a protected space. The purpose of the plastic expression of the facade is to create volumes with clear, clean lines, emphasizing their horizontality.

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