Cluj Arena Tower, Cluj-Napoca

Status: concept design
Year: 2011
Program: offices
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 30.180 sqm


The idea of a tower as a vertical accent in dialogue with the massive horizontal volume of the stadium was born a long time ago, even before the demolition and replacement of the old stadium. The idea is completely ours. It was not requested in the theme by the public client but was soon embraced because it appeared as a possibility of generating the development of complementary functions compatible with the area, otherwise in danger of being intensely active only occasionally. We proposed the strengthening and activation of this pole of activities, of the West side of the historical center that expect a more complex transformation related to the Garibaldi bridge, the former power station streets and the Ursus breweries axis.  The Somes meanders after the bridge makes the proposed site for the tower to be a perfect end of perspective from upstream. The connection with the stadium volume is double, through the body of the conference hall that covers the building, a plug-in that strongly indicated the access area and through the vertical translucent stripe on the façade, that covers the functions from the observatory terrace zone and go down to fold over tonneau cover of the arena, marking the VIP grandstand area.

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