Bosch Engineering Center Cluj, Cluj-Napoca

Status: under construction
Year: 2020
Program: offices
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 10.586 sqm
Images: Ciprian Onețiu


The second stage of development for the Bosch Engineering Center Cluj will complete the ensemble developed on the site of the former Flacăra garment factory, in Cluj. The new building has received the code Clj 201 and will close the street front allowing generous passages to the central part of the complex, the square with public access. The two separate buildings will be connected by a double walkway, connecting both office floors and walkable terraces. The sober and transparent language continues in making the envelope of new construction. The composition of the volumes responds to the situation in the public domain, with rotations and withdrawals that diminish the massiveness and increase the dynamism. The interior space offers, as in the case of the first stage, the possibility of arranging places adapted to the new inspired ways of organizing workspaces. The new building will be an elegant contemporary presence and adapted to the changing urban context, in the pericentral area. When the lights come on inside, the inner life of the engineering center becomes visible and attractive.

Design and Project management: Bosch Real Estate in cooperation with DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ birou de proiectare.

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