Mihai Românul Masterplan, Cluj-Napoca

Status: approved
Year: 2020
Program: master planning
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 14 195 sqm
Photographs: DICO & TIGANAS


The studied area and most of the Mihai Românul land are subject to this process started years ago, when the owners of arable lands in the area started plots and constructions of individual houses. Also, the correct sizing and tracing of car and pedestrian traffic, but also the lack of green areas for relaxation and leisure, of a station for public transport, still create shortcomings that need to be remedied. The Mihai Românul area is attractive for investments, as it has a land reserve not yet occupied by constructions and which is being developed. The position it occupies in the whole locality, the connections to the areas of interest, the lack of polluting factors (noise, noise, odors), the area is suitable for housing.

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