Emerson, Oradea

Status: built
Year: 2016
Program: industrial
Place: Oradea
Project area: 101.020 sqm
Photographs: DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ


The production complex developed by the American group Emerson is an industrial park. Following the first collaboration with the group (a gatehouse for Cluj facilities), we were selected to propose a whole new development in Oradea, for the industrial area near Bors. Besides efficiency and functional requirements, the client wanted an architecture-related to the existing visual identity of the corporation. The project is under development, the first stage is to be completed in the mid-2013. The concept is extremely compact, modulated, using a circulation system that combines and ranks car and pedestrian transportation around the core facility: the cafeteria. The customer pays special attention to the quality of the reception spaces, parking, and access, which will be treated as real public spaces with landscape qualities. The prestigious global manufacturing and technology company decided to develop a second industrial park in Transylvania, relying on good architecture.

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