Ventilatorului, Bucharest

Status: concept design
Year: 2012
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Bucharest
Project area: 231.000 sqm


All these semi-private spaces and functions need to be protected from the city’s effervescent life, yet allowing clear views and ways of interaction. Then we develop an interface with it, the modern ‘protective wall’ becoming the office buildings. Their high towers mark our presence there, and generate the feeling that this community is sustainable, it has its power of development, and it is safe and efficient. The concept of the area development proposes two different spaces: the office buildings and their inner core, the residential and services spaces. The office buildings are proposed along all the four sides of the site, developing an urban facade and liaising the communication and the relationship with the surrounding city. Their positions, shapes, and heights are strongly related to the nearby buildings, allowing them to evolve without affecting and being affected by the existing context. The whole compound will consist of a volumetric alternation of prisms, for optimal natural lighting. The accessible rooftops and terraces will be treated as gardens, as a statement for a green approach over a former industrial plant, and also for the benefit of future users.

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