Competition, Children’s Hospital Cluj-Napoca

Status: concept design
Year: 2021
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 63.640 sqm
Images: Jenică Craiu


A well-connected, integrated, flexible, expandable hospital facility blended in the landscape. It is bridging the current development to future urbanization. A medical city within a developing city, offering the landscape as a landmark.  The site’s physical conditions, place the new building for the pediatric hospital in a tight spot. The choice is either to evolve in vertical, and by doing so, disrupt the low scale-built environment and the green farmlands and hills (already endangered by the construction of the metropolitan belt), or to expand in horizontal, and therefore increase land occupation and circulation lengths.

Main authors: Arh. Alberto de Pineda Álvarez, arh. Jenica Craiu, arh. Alexandra Demetriu, arh. Levente Kornis

Co-author: arh. Șerban Țigănaș

Architecture collaborators: arh. Marcial Novo, arh. Giovanna Pomo, arh. Nicola Baldassarre, s.arh. Guillermo Begazo, arh. Denisa Petrus, arh. Silvia Alexandrescu

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