Sports Park, Baia Mare

Status: concept design
Year: 2014
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Baia Mare
Project area: 118.846 sqm
Images: Ciprian Onețiu


We made a series of proposals with conceptual options for arranging an existing sports park, at the request of the city hall, which was not further honored by the initiation of the investment. We worked in the internal competition formula, with three teams from the office. The result consisted of exploring three variants of the concept. The first, which I called “compact”, made the most of the existing built fund, extending it articulated through the new constructions on the three poles: the aquatic center, the multipurpose hall and the multifunctional stadium. The second solution, the “linear” one, is a “sports mall”,relative a radical transformation through which all three functional groups are connected on a possible commercial circulation by relocating the stadium. The third formula, the “radial” one, relies on the coupling of the stadium with the new multipurpose hall, with the maintenance of the stadium and the amplification of the aquatic center.

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