Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Cluj-Napoca

Status: approved
Year: 2021
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 12.200 sqm
Images: Ciprian OneŇ£iu


The university complex interface in the Zorilor neighborhood is articulated through a new building and the improvement of the dedicated outdoor spaces, being part of a large project to revitalize the student area. This axis is delimited by various plots on Observatorului street, which belong to the Technical University, accommodating various institutions and services, and the new project of the research building will be a reference point. The simple volume of the building aligns with the existing buildings, without altering or provoking new conflicts in the mixed character of the urban plot. The facade expresses only the sobriety of an institutional building, through materiality and color, masking a vibrant and welcoming interior, with lots of natural light and generous spaces.

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