Liberty Center, Bucharest

Status: built
Year: 2007
Program: commercial
Place: Bucharest
Project area: 70.000 sqm
Images: Cosmin Dragomir


The large scale complex is a shopping mall developed by the concept of The Ostick and Williams Office from Belfast, urban and legally implemented by Alpha Studio in Bucharest and developed, detailed and assisted by us. The complex replaces the unfinished ruin of one of the great unfinished projects from the last era, “the hunger circus”, spectacularly demolished by a partially failed implosion, then by classic means. The British investors have configured a compact solution with many innovations still not presented in Romanian commercial spaces such as ice skating and movie theaters with 3D technology. Optimizing the structure, the process of value engineering, the implementation of the fire safety scenario, the problems concerning the antismoke installations, the combined ventilation, and air conditioning and the execution technology regarding several contractors simultaneously mobilized on the field was extremely demanding. For these reasons, we decided to open a branch office in Bucharest during two major projects undertaken simultaneously in the capital.

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