Korona Center, Brașov

Status: concept design
Year: 2008
Program: commercial
Place: Brașov
Project area: 145.000 sqm
Images: Ciprian Onetiu


The architects of IMB Asymetria designed the concept of this shopping center for Echo Investment, while our task was to set it on the site of the former factory Fartec of Brașov. The location is an access point in the city, situated in the Northern area at the entrance from Rupea, Sighisoara. Nearby, there is a complex traffic node, with on overpass of the railway, which is to be modernized with the development of this project. The former industrial area will be given back to public use, thus creating a pole of interest in the North of Brașov. The shopping center made of eight distinct buildings houses shopping areas of various sizes, which will be rented to retailers, a supermarket, an event scene, a food court, a cinema area, and administrative areas, parking, and technical areas.

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