Plai Residence, Cluj-Napoca

Status: built
Year: 2017
Program: collective housing
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 5.500 sqm
Images: Răzvan Nemțău, Ciprian Onețiu


The client decided to start developing a project that was defined in a PUZ by Planwerk Cluj, in 2008. The extensive land is near the intersection between Calea Turzii and Observatorului street. The volumes near the access road are aligned with it and smaller in size, whilst the 10 story buildings are aligned with the small valley on the other side of the property area. The apartments on the lower floors have the advantage of green areas in the proximity, while those on the upper floors have views over the city. The parking spaces are mostly underground so that the ground surface remains clear and green. A mixed-use construction is planned to be developed towards the city, in a later stage.

Details: 97 apartments

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