Central Park Residence, Cluj-Napoca

Status: built
Year: 2008
Program: collective housing
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 36.600 sqm
Images: Alexandra Bendea, Cosmin Dragomir


When the client demanded three rectangular residential towers on a site with irregular contour, surrounded by a winding stream that derives from the Somes river and by clusters of poplar trees that surround the nearby sports park, we took the responsibility to come up with a different approach: a building that integrates the three separate units in one unitary volume with a layout that undulates on the site so that it makes the most of the natural light and views. It also provides a sheltered space and a private, quiet area, in the resulting concave space. This space is an artificial landscape, a green leisure and relaxation area that is shaped like a green roof for the underground parking. Particular emphasis was placed on the balcony shape, leading to overall esthetics that evokes the movement and slow horizontal flow of the nearby stream. On the vertical axis, the apartments are set in an amphitheater layout that serves as an observation point from above, and allows for spectacular views of the city and beyond. The building has 220 apartments with different floor areas, all bound in one clear and articulate architectural gesture.

Details: 220 apartments
Media: Archello 2016 | Archipendium Calendar 2014 | Archipendium online 2014 | OART Architectural Awards Exhibition 2007

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