Livada Poștei, Brașov

Status: concept
An: 2011
Program: competiții și concepte
Locație: Brașov
Suprafața: 27.100 mp
Fotografii: DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ


Livada Poștei represents a solution for a contest, conceived in 2011, focused on zonation and intensifying the activities revealed on the site. The proposal comprises a center, a convergence area that can be outlined even now from the way the plot is spontaneously used and that is given development in the shape of an edelweiss. The upper limit is framed by an elevated rout, for adventure, with few organic enhancements, a belvedere platform similar to a big sculpture, a helicoid stair seeking the tracks of a little treehouse. The layout of a big natural amphitheater is maintained and enlarged, the facilities being spread on the contour, with clear presence, but retained as surface. This way, Livada Poștei can prepare itself for promenades, play, meeting, and relaxation, even for picnics. 

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