CFR Stadium, Cluj-Napoca

Status: built
Year: 2009
Program: sport & leisure
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 15.000 sqm


An old stadium in the middle of a neighborhood for railway workers was dedicated to a soccer team named after the Romanian Railway Company CFR. After 100 years the rebirth of the team is accompanied by a fantastic international performance. CFR became champion and started to play in European Champions League. The requirements for the stadium are higher. The new owner asked for a complex project, integrating the old part and enlarged with new tribunes and facilities. The design consisted of a concrete structure combined with steel and cables for the supported roof. A great success of the soccer team imposed on the owner to abandon the project because of the time shortage. At this moment an interesting solution came on stage: to erect a temporary dismantlable steel structure produced by the Dutch Company AB Tribunes. It only requested a basement with a slab to be placed on. Complete change of strategy and design. We have reorganized the project and combined the concrete infrastructure with the steel frame in an industrial look for the new tribune. The envelope is a pixelation of corrugated steel plates of two colors: white and purple-red. The white panels are translucent in backlight because of the small perforations. The result is transparency from inside out during the day time and vice versa when the lights are on inside. Rectangles and oblique lines are the composition ingredients. There is a kind of camouflage of the people inside, which may see without being seen, keeping visual contact with the houses and hills. There another strategy for integration of such a big volume into the crowded surrounding consisting of simple lines and camouflage by color between roofs. At showtime, at night, when lights are on, everything is activated and the whole building is spreading light and changing identity.

Details: 10.000 seats

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