Scorțarilor Residence, Cluj-Napoca

Status: concept design
Year: 2018
Program: competitions & concepts
Place: Cluj-Napoca
Project area: 1240 sqm
Photographs: DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ


The proposed housing facility is a replacement exercise for an initial industrial and, later on, commercial construction, in the spirit of densification practiced in the pericardial areas. The effect of public space intervention can then be beneficial by regulating a difficult intersection in the vicinity. The approach is pragmatic and rigorous, taking advantage of the perimeter spaces for segregation of the traffic and offering long perspectives from the balconies of the apartments. The mixed context, built in different periods, led us to an image that is wanted both simple and vibrating through the gaps and consoles. The project stopped at the study level to allow the investor to analyze the opportunity to supplement the site with the land to the intersection, in which case the solution could be adjusted and the public space improved.

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