PUD Institutul de cercetare în inteligenţa artificială, Cluj-Napoca

Status: aprobat
An: 2022
Program: urbanism
Locație: Cluj-Napoca
Suprafața: 11.608 mp
Imagini: DICO și ȚIGĂNAȘ


The master plan for the education area was generated by the current needs to expand the facilities with research functions, by developing a higher education complex in a recognized student area of the city and connecting with the existing building blocks of the Technical University on the ground, but and from proximity by creating a generous indoor and outdoor enclosure, an agora for related activities, a beneficial environment for research activities, relations with major contractors interested in artificial intelligence fields, testing and exhibiting new projects in the proposed spaces. The studied area represents an area of public interest and recommends the proposed buildings in order to fix and consolidate the Technical University on the leading positions of the hierarchy of educational units.

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