PUZ CUG Maxmesse, Cluj-Napoca

Status: concept
An: 2014
Program: urbanism
Locație: Cluj-Napoca
Suprafața: 150.700 mp
Imagini: Ciprian Onețiu


CUG was purchased, after the production was ceased, by the known group of Bavaria, Max Eicher, and the steelmaking operations. CUG was the largest plant who attracted the population for the worker’s district, Mănăștur. We were asked to propose solutions for regenerating the area. The first area was the exhibition center, after the model developed in Germany, which we called Max Messe. We tested the proposal at Expo Real fair in Munich. Currently, we try a public-private partnership for large-scale regeneration benefits for the entire city, with the opening of major roads linking the north and the passage over the railway from Someseni.

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